Jabotinsky Zeev , Proposal to Achieve Unity within the Jewish Agency

09.03.1937 - 09.03.1937

Reference Code : A 1 - 4/ 64

Archive: Jabotinsky Zeev
Material status: Scanned


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Proposal for two methods: unification versus contention
Formula to select the Jewish agency, guaranteeing unity and alteration of the existing political situation; the practical method to achieve this goal through a committee conference of the Zionist Organization calling for a round-table meeting including participation of the New Zionist Organization, the Zionist Organization and other bodies to select a national body to function as the Jewish Agency.
National Zionist Organization demands for a Jewish state including Trans-Jordan, establishment of a Jewish Legion, opposition to a legislative council without a Jewish majority, a call for social justice in Eretz Israel and election of a national body.