Jabotinsky Zeev , Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) Activities in Poland - Lists, Proposals and Memorandum

07.09.1935 - 31.12.1938

Reference Code : A 1 - 4/ 65

Archive: Jabotinsky Zeev
Material status: Scanned


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Memorandum sent to Polish minister Beck prior to meeting with Jabotinsky (French); meeting of New Zionist Organization heads about Sejm-Zion plan; document regarding composition of New Zionist Organization Central Committee in Poland;
Notes on subjects: reports of meetings with Polish personages, the Evacuation Plan; danger of Polish Jewish assimilation, Polish Jewish immigraiton, Polish government's attitude toward the Jews and Britain, recommended action toward the Zion Sejm plan, dispatch of delegation to the United States and Nordau Program.
Statutes for establishing a joint organization between Betar and Brit Hahayal.
Includes documents in Russian and German.