Jabotinsky Zeev , 'The Jewish Nation' - Handwritten, English, Partially Published

01.09.1918 - 30.11.1918

Reference Code : A 1 - 6/ 3

Archive: Jabotinsky Zeev
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Dr. Amir Goldstein: manuscript in a series of articles written by Jabotinsky in Autumn 1918 in Eretz Israel for newspaper The Palestine News.
Series was written in coordination with Chaim Weizmann for purpose of Zionist publicity resulting from reports of increasing reservations concerning Zionism on part of British officers in Eretz Israel.
Colonel Deedes, First Secretary of Mandate government, with whom process was first mapped and Colonel P. Gordon, Military Editor of the newspaper, approved publication of six articles, one each week or two.
In essence, two articles were published dealing with background to Jewish problem in Europe. Handwritten portions which dealt with Eretz Israel, Aliyah (immigration) to there, with settlement, the British and the Arabs - were not published.
Jabotinsky requested an explanation for non-publication but did not receive any.
At least the first of the two articles printed in The Palestine News appeared without a byline:
'The Jewish Nation', 19/12/1918
'Persecution and Emigration'', 20/2/1919
which were referred to in the following letters:
Jabotinsky to Chaim Weizmann, 1 November 1918;
Lieutenant Colonel Gordon to Jabotinsky, 4 December 1918;
Jabotinsky to The Palestine News, 3 February 1919;
Jabotinsky to Harry Friedenwald, 9 March 1919.
Main topics:
East European Jewry; anti-semistism in Poland and Russia;
persecution and Jewish immigration; persecution from Bolsheviks.
Need for Jewish national homeland and Jewish state; roots of Zionism: historical overview of the Jewish people from the Second Temple period onwards; Jews living in Jerusalem; spoken Hebrew in Eretz Israel;
Three peoples' claims on Eretz Israel: Christians, Muslims and Jews; solution to their claims: administration of Eretz Israel under protection of a world power, preferably Great Britain, as that country assigned protection over Eretz Israel.