Jabotinsky Zeev , Letters to Newspaper Editorial Boards - Handwritten and Typewritten Documents, English and German (Undated)

01.01.1906 - 31.07.1940

Reference Code : A 1 - 9/ 53

Archive: Jabotinsky Zeev
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Main topics:
Call for financial aid resulting from closure of Doar Hayom, after hanging of Shlomo Ben Yosef.
Demand to change Great Britain's policy in Eretz Israel.
Criticism of the White Paper and Simpson Report.
Critique of Zionist Organization in relation to upcoming 17th Zionist Congress.
Hatzohar (Revisionist Zionism) principles.
Zeev Jabotinsky's denial that he 'signed' the 1922.White Paper.
Zeev Jabotinsky's opposition to idea of Jewish immigration to a settlement in Australia.
Idea to establish a Jewish army alongside the Allies.