Shilton Betar European World Headquarters, Paris, Mordechai Katz - Correspondence with Hatzohar (Zionist Revisionist) World Executive, London

05.04.1946 - 27.06.1947

Reference Code : B 4 - 6/ 1

Archive: Shilton Betar European World Headquarters, Paris
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Opening of Shilton Betar office in Paris and its activities; Unification between Hatzohar (Zionist Revisionists) and Jewish State Party;
Internal conflicts; Obtaining shekels and preparations for 22nd Zionist Congress; Financial matters; Organizational and administrative issues; Selecting Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) Provisional Executive;
Preparations for Betar conference in Europe; Reports on goings on within Hatzach Executive and its activities.
Telegram from David Ben Gurion about demand that Revisionist Party members participating in Zionist Congress won't belong to any other Zionist federation;
Question of Revisionist rights in Zionist Organization.
Includes documents in German and Yiddish.