Netzivut Betar Eretz Israel, Recruitment Department - Circulars

03.05.1937 - 27.06.1939

Reference Code : B 8 g - 8/ 9

Archive: Netzivut Betar Eretz Israel
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Failure of negotiations between National Movement institutions and Yishuv Security Commission about Kofer HaYishuv (Community Ransom Fund); Volunteer Service Unit moved to Nahalat Yitzhak; Activity of Organization of Volunteer Service Unit Veterans; List of veterans; Intention to establish General Cooperative Organization for Service Unit Camps;
Instruction to list recruits in branches of National Labour Organisation;
Organizational issues; Inquiry by Natziv Betar in Eretz Israel to recruits from Olei Austria (immigrants from Austria) concerning their absorption problems into units; Shabbat observance (Sabbath).
Personal information questionnaires and various forms.