Netzivut Betar Eretz Israel, Recruitment Department - Correspondence

21.01.1936 - 03.11.1940

Reference Code : B 8 g - 8/ 10

Archive: Netzivut Betar Eretz Israel
Material status: Scanned


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Main topics:
Personal requests about enlistment; Organizational and financial matters; Establishment of Betar Labor Center in Netanya; Correspondence with National Labour Organisation about work and registration.
Open letter to Pinchas Rutenberg about work and wages.
Protocols of meeting of Galilee Unit Command, and Yesod HaMaale Unit gathering.
From Camp Diary in Mishmar HaYarden - about Naftali Gitlin.
Haggadah for Pesach (Passover) Seder in 1937.