Illegal Immigration Collection , Letters, Circulars and Protocols

22.12.1938 - 31.03.1940

Reference Code : K 6 - 3/ 1

Archive: Illegal Immigration Collection
Material status: Scanned


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Protocol of meeting about organizing center for aliyah (immigration to Eretz Israel) in framework of Paris Conference.
Segment from interview about Romanian help to illegal immigration to Israel.
Letter from Zeev Jabotinsky to Yosef Katznelson about his appointment to Shilton Officer;
His dispatch to Warsaw and his participation in activities of Shilton Betar Aliyah Department;
Circular by Shilton Betar about Leftist incitement in issues of Aliyah Bet (illegal immigration).
Telegram about need for money in order to bring thousands of Jews who wish to immigrate to Eretz Israel.