Illegal Immigration Collection , The Patria - Testimonies, Newspaper Items (including from 1953 - 1993)

24.11.1940 - 05.12.1940

Reference Code : K 6 - 6/ 1

Archive: Illegal Immigration Collection
Material status: Scanned
אוניות מעפילים: Patria


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Newspaper items about explosion on the Patria, ship intended to deport illegal immigrants, in Haifa port, drowning of many of the passengers and British decision not to deport the survivors;
Printout of testimonies by two illegal immigrants;
Testimony by Dr. Binyamin Lubotzky about Etzel preparations to bomb the Patria while the action itself was carried out by the Hagana;
"Seventy Years Ago Today: Sinking of the Ship the Patria in Haifa Port", Haaretz November 2010 (not scanned)