Illegal Immigration Collection , Mauritius Camp - Reports, Newspaper Items

04.09.1940 - 27.08.1945

Reference Code : K 6 - 7/ 1

Archive: Illegal Immigration Collection
Material status: Scanned


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Memoirs by Aharon Zworgbaum, "Aliyah from Bratislava and the First Year on Mauritius", typewritten hardcover booklet in German with woodcuts by Fritz Mendel and illustrations, Mauritius 1942;
Article about journey of five illegal immigrants to island of Mauritius forty-three years later;
British report about situation in camp on Mauritius;
Letter from detainees on Mauritius, former residents of Free City of Danzig, to president of their organization in U.S., requesting to organize passports for them and to act for their release, including list of names;
Return of Mauritius detainees to Eretz Israel;
Article in 'Davar HaShavua', "Mauritius Affair" by Mordechai Barkai, 1965;
Newspaper item about Ferramonti camp.