United Zionists Revisionists, World Executive, Tel Aviv, Head Office, General Correspondence

28.07.1948 - 13.07.1949

Reference Code : G 8 - 1

Archive: United Zionists Revisionists, World Executive, Tel Aviv
Material status: Scanned


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Brit Hatzohar HaMeuhedet - United Zionists Revisionists Organisation:
Main topics:
Invitations to meetings; Request to send materials in order to publish bulletin; Various appointments; Organizational matters; Attention to individual requests; Shekel distribution in preparation for 23rd Zionist Congress; Preparations for Hatzohar World Council Conference and names of delegates selected for the conference; letter from David Alpern to David Bukspan about efforts to unite the movement;
Protocol from Brit Hatzohar Tel Aviv branch meeting concerning organizational matters; Opinion of Hatzohar High Court about legality of World Executive following resignation of seven of its members;
List of delegates' names to Herut Movement first conference.
Includes documents in French, German and Yiddish.