N.Z.O. Delegation to the U.S., Protocols, Decisions

15.03.1940 - 17.03.1942

Reference Code : G 5 - 1/ 3

Archive: N.Z.O. Delegation to the U.S.
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) U.S. Delegation:
Protocols and decisions from meetings of Presidency Delegation in U.S. concerning:
Organizing activities of Hatzach delegation in U.S.; Financial issues; Question of managing negotiations with Zionist Organization to achieve a unified front; Difficult situation in Jewish community in Eretz Israel; Demand to form a Jewish army; Question of U.S. delegation's authority and internal issues of the movement;
Managing negotiations with Meir Grossman, Hillel Kook and with MAPAI (Workers Party of Eretz Israel) in Eretz Israel;
Question of need to unify the Zionist Movement;
Condition of Hatzach Presidency in London;
Meetings with Sikorski about evacuation from Poland at the end of the war;
Question of movement organization following death of Zeev Jabotinsky;
Organizing Hatzach conference in Johannesburg.