N.Z.O. Delegation to the U.S., Hatzach Administrative Committee, London - Correspondence

10.09.1939 - 12.01.1943

Reference Code : G 5 - 2/ 1

Archive: N.Z.O. Delegation to the U.S.
Material status: Scanned


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Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) U.S. Delegation:
Organizational matters; Idea to establish a Jewish army; Activity within Polish government in exile in London and question of participation by Hatzach representatives in Polish National Council;
Reports on activity of Hatzach delegation in U.S.;
Issues concerning Immigration to Eretz Israel and certificates; Collecting funds; Activity to establish a Jewish army and Nordau Program; Problem of Jews caught in areas invaded by the Germans; Efforts to establish a unified Zionist front; Reports on Hatzach activities in London; Internal conflicts in movement; Program to train Jewish pilots;
Betar activity in U.S.; Jewish Maritime League; Question of authority of Presidency in London and U.S. delegation following death of Zeev Jabotinsky; Hatzach problems; Memorandum concerning situation in Hatzach; Criticism of Abraham Abrahams and accusations against him; Copy of letter from Hatzach Presidency to Lord Henkey, Member of War Cabinet about illegality of MacDonald's White Paper and demand to allow East European Jewish refugees to enter to Eretz Israel.
Comments about speech by Anthony Eden.