Herut Movement, Establishment of Movement - Announcement, Protocols, Proposals to Organization

06.06.1948 - 31.12.1948

Reference Code : H 1 - 1/ 1

Archive: Herut Movement
Date Type: Approximate


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Etzel announcement on establishment of Herut movement and its principles. Herut Propaganda program. Protocols and reports from temporary center meetings about organizing and distribution of roles, establishing platform-making committees, relations with Hatzohar and Betar Conference.
Report on meetings with government ministers and Jewish Agency managers. Proposals to Herut and principles of the movement. Publication about fundamental problems to be debated at Herut conference. Letters concerning organization and platform preparation. Platform and principles of Herut Movement,
published in deportation in Cyprus (Yiddish). Memorandum on arranging agricultural settlement units for Ma'amad (Etzel) soldiers. Letter from Interior Ministry signed by Interior Minister Greenbaum confirming receipt of Herut message of start of operations, 01/08/1948 (photocopy)