Herut Movement, Protocols of Center Meetings - typewritten

28.01.1954 - 26.06.1955

Reference Code : H 1 - 2/ 4

Archive: Herut Movement


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Main topics: critique of government policy. Municipal matters. Assistance to 'Herut' and 'Herut Youth' newspapers. Reports on organizational matters. Death Penalty Act. Proposal for political action to restore integrity of Israel. Preparations for Third National Conference and proposed agenda. Division of tasks. Work plans. Political situation. Reports by various committees and branches. Events at Mishmar Hayarden. Shekel problem. Problem of Gaza under Egyptian control. Jews of North Africa. Problem of crossing Suez Canal. Election headquarters activities. Proposal to amend Income Tax Act. Bat Galim Affair and Cairo trial. Financial situation. Question of Israeli-Germany relations. Activities among Druze. Wage issues. Critique of state budget. Areas of settlement by movement. Advocacy activities. Movement
platform towards beginning of election campaign. Municipal elections. Composition of third Knesset list.