Lazar Haim, Newspaper Items by Lazar about Illegal Immigration

01.01.1948 - 31.12.1985

Reference Code : P 136 - 7/ 5

Archive: Lazar Haim
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Newspaper Items by Lazar about the Illegal Immigration:
"Legion of Illegal Immigrants"
"With the Ascent of a People" (series of articles)
"A Young Minor Approaches the Sea - on Passover"
"This is How Jews Reached the Homeland"
"Af Al Pi - Book of Aliyah Bet" (illegal immigration)
"Jabotinsky and Aliyah Bet"
"End of the Parita's Wanderings"
"Who Really Initiated, Organized and Carried Out Illegal Immigration to the Homeland"
"The Singular Survivor of the Struma Tells"
"The Illegal Immigration Began Before 1934'
"A Young Minor Planted Nine Measures of Suffering and Belief'
"The Three Groups of the Oniyon Convoy"
"Half Jubilee (25 years) Since Descent of Parita Illegal Immigrants onto Tel Aviv Shore"
"Illegal Immigration Ship the Parita Has Arrived to Tel Aviv Shore"
"Who Brought the Illegal Immigrants?"
"In Aliyah (immigration), Rescue and Opposition"
"The Truth about the Illegal Aliyah" (Yiddish)
"How Did We Smuggle the Jews to Eretz Israel?"
"With Song and Tears We Go to Zion"
"How Do the British Judge the Persecuted Jews?"
"On the Stormy Seas"
On the topics: exhibition about the illegal immigration, illegal immigration at the end of World War One, "Palestine Express" Organization, Role of Betar in organizing the illegal aliyah, Revisionist demonstration protesting "Hunt for Tourists", Betar Unit at Rosh Pina, David Assa, Command Number 60, Command Number 40, Avraham Stavsky, ship the Naomi Yulia, Moshe Kriboshein Galili, testimony of one immigrant from the Parita, testimony by a Struma survivor, Shlomo Rappaport, Moshe and Zalman Blumstein, Hatzohar activity in the illegal immigration.
Also in file: "To Barred Shores" - Special Volume Dedicated to the Illegal Immigration", with articles about ships the Exodus, the Velos, the Salvador, La Spezia
Special supplement: "Zeev Jabotinsky and His Protoges Who Initiated the Illegal Immigration and the First of their Operations"