Lazar Haim, Newspaper Items by Lazar about the Book "Af-Al-Pi: Sefer Aliyah Bet"

01.01.1956 - 31.12.1959

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Archive: Lazar Haim
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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Newspaper Items by various individuals about book "Af-Al-Pi: Sefer Aliyah Bet"
by Lazar:
S.Eyal, "Publications of the Jabotinsky Institute Tell: This is the History of Aliyah Bet"
M.S., "Party in Preparation for Publication of Haim Lazar's book"
Eliyahu Glazer, "Fleet of Despair and Salvation"
S.S., "Parting Seas: Upon Appearance of the Book 'Af-Al-Pi: Sefer Aliyah Bet' by H. Lazar
Asher Nahor, "Epic of Boundary Breakers and Goal Setters"
Elhanan Kramer, "Af Al Pi"
Yosef Shofman, "The Easy Zionism"
D.I., "Af Al Pi - A Historical Document"
"Party Concerning Appearance of Book "Af Al Pi"
"Hai Years (18 Years) Since Break-In of Parita: Meeting of Comrades to Mark the Incident Opposite the Landing Shore"
"The Chapter that was Erased - Af Al Pi"
B.D., "Af Al Pi - In the Book's Margins"
"Jabotinsky Prize for 5718 (1958)"
"Is It An Embarrassment to Recall Name of Jabotinsky in Maariv?"
"Literary Works"
Haviv Raanan, "Mask of Aliyah Bet"
Shaul Avigur, "In the Falsified Revisionist Historiography Bin"
"David Raziel in Organizing Aliyah Bet"
Natan Balel, "A Book From the Annals of Jewish Heroism" (Yiddish)
Natan Balel, "The Heroes and Fighters of the Illegal Immigration" (Yiddish)
"The Dramatic Story of the Illegal Jewish Immigration to Palestine"
"Af Al Pi"
"At Last! The Full Story of Revisionist Aliyah Beth"
"Sharett Visits Jabotinsky Institute"
"Lazar, Shechtman Win Literary Prizes"
"Zauber der Personlichkeit" (Magic of Personality)
Also in file: Notices about appearance of the book, advertisements for book, design plans for book cover.