Herut Movement, Organization Bureau - Correspondence, Circulars

15.08.1948 - 31.08.1950

Reference Code : H 1 - 4/ 1

Archive: Herut Movement


Main topics: preparation and activities of organization and administrative matters. Preparation of branches for census. Organization of branches program. Preparing for first Knesset elections. Advocacy and propaganda activities. Preparations for Herut establishment conference. Distributing Betar certificates. Economic Department programs. Organization of Arabic Department. Increasing activity among population from eastern countries. Publishing 'Herut' newspaper. Aliyah (immigration), absorption and settlement affairs. Question of nature of Diaspora activities. Reports of U.S. operations. "Shelach" activities. Relations with Betar. Overview of Betar World Conference discussions. Assembly faction bulletin. Declaration of Joining Herut. Invitations to meetings and events.
Includes document in Yiddish.