Herut Movement, Central Bureau for Fighter and Soldier - Correspondence, Circulars, Publications

02.09.1948 - 12.02.1951

Reference Code : H 1 - 4/ 17

Archive: Herut Movement


Main topics: establishment of Central Bureau for Fighter and Soldier and it functions. Reports on treatment and aid to soldiers. Organization and administrative matters. Menachem Begin letter to soldiers of the nation and its liberators. Advocacy activities. Question of rights of Etzel soldiers and fallen fighters. Establishing Shelach in Diaspora and its activities. Department of Welfare functions in Bureau for Fighter and Soldier. Reports on bureau structure, composition and operations. Report from meeting of department heads about their activities. Lists of voters in Establishment Conference 1949. Addresses of Bureau contact offices. Invitations to meetings and events. Letter to Brother and "Niv"
to The Fighter - Bureau for Fighter and Soldier publication for soldiers. Includes documents in French, Yiddish and Russian.