Herut Movement, Third National Conference, Tel Aviv - Reports, Proposals, Decisions, Protocols, Herut Charter

19.04.1954 - 23.04.1954

Reference Code : H 1 - 13/ 3/ 1

Archive: Herut Movement


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Report on activities of Herut Center departments submitted to Third National Conference delegates. Overview of Shelach activities. Report of Brit Nashim Herut (Herut Womens Alliance) activities. Brochures of problems of Third National Conference. Herut charter. Protocols of Third National Conference meetings about organization of Herut and its activities, composition of Herut institutions, criticism of Mapai and question of joining coalition at its head, problems of National Workers Union and general discussion regarding current events. Proposal of resolutions for National Conference about principles and goals of Herut. Third National Conference decisions on foreign policy, security, economy and society, matters of organization, propaganda and finances. Decisions of various departments and committees. Distribution of mandates in conference.