National Labour Organisation, Various Labor Agreements

01.03.1937 - 27.06.1955

Reference Code : D 2 - 2/ 7

Archive: National Labour Organisation


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Agreements between National Labour Organisation and various other bodies: labor dispute in 'Asis' Factory, labor dispute in 'Froumine' Factory, administration of Kupat 'Amal' (fund) and administration of Organisation in Tel Aviv about announcing united factory, agreement about accepting Betar members recruited to National Labour Organisation, organization of General Zionist Laborers in Tel Aviv about establishing municipal labor bureau, with Histadrut (General Federation of Laborers) in Eretz Israel about fair distribution of labor, Council of Dead Sea Workers of the General Federation about principle local issues, Manufacturers Association to formulate a general permanent agreement as basis for labor accords, General Labor Bureau for Petach Tikva laborers about establishing an institution to distribute work among laborers in Petach Tikva, Council of Bnei Brak laborers, HaPoel HaMizrachi Council and branch of Agudat Israel (Union of Israel) laborers about work distribution among all Jewish laborers.