National Labour Organisation, Council of Tel Aviv Workers: Protocols, Reports, Publications

12.08.1936 - 30.04.1944

Reference Code : D 2 - 3/ 1

Archive: National Labour Organisation


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Booklet containing statistical data from Council of Tel Aviv Workers; Report from Clerks Association by General Labor Bureau dealing with problems of state employees, Construction Association and 'HaMassad', 'Amal' (labor) Fund, labor center and insurance fund for construction workers of Council of Tel Aviv Workers;
Invitation to evening event to benefit unemployed and national laborers; Personal details questionnaire;
Verdict in trial conducted by Council administration for members Moshe and Binyamin Rebelsky; Appeal of verdict;
Notice prior to 20th of Tammuz; Invitation to opening of dormitories for national laborers;
Protocols from meeting of expanded Council of National Labour Organisation, Shvat 5697 (January 1937): report on activities and dispute over status of the Organisation;
Protocols No. 1, 2, 3 from joint meetings of representatives of Council of Tel Aviv Workers, 7/3/1939: problems in joint labor bureau.
Also in file: appeal of verdict in members' trial in Tel Aviv, 19/10/1937 and 24/11/1937 - appellant Yitzhak Zimnovitz, Judge A. Babkov.