Anglo-American Committee for a Jewish Army, London, American Embassy in London, Correspondence

01.01.1942 - 31.12.1944

Reference Code : HT 3 a - 3/ 50

Archive: Anglo-American Committee for a Jewish Army, London
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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- Correspondence relating to creation of a Jewish army, and about social, political and entertainment work of the CFJA;
- Article sent to the American Embassy regarding the massacre of European Jewry and the methods to stop it (Feb. 15, 1942);
- Cable received by CFJA regarding the American campaign to save European Jewry (Feb. 24, 1943);
- Message to the British public on the right of Jews to fight in their own army (March 9, 1943);
- Letter sent to T. Elliott on the aims of the CFJA, also enclosed, article 'The Jewish War Front' (May 24, 1943);
- Speech of Senator James Mead on the fighting Jews in the American army (June 21, 1943);
- Correspondence regarding the project of Jewish brigade groups (July 17, 1944).