Anglo-American Committee for a Jewish Army, London, The 'Jewish Chronicle', London, Articles and Correspondence

01.01.1942 - 31.12.1945

Reference Code : HT 3 a - 3/ 63

Archive: Anglo-American Committee for a Jewish Army, London
Material status: Scanned
Date Type: Approximate


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- Correspondence with I. Greenberg, editor of the newspaper, on general problems and on CFJA activity;
- 'The Jewish Army Project', an article published in the newspaper on the origin and the aims of the CFJA, as well as the formation of a Jewish Army in Palestine;
- Proposal for a Jewish advertising campaign in the British press (Jan. 12, 1943);
- Articles sent to publication advocating the Jewish Army project, also on political and social grounds;
- Articles regarding the activity of the Emergency Committee for Rescue of Jews, the persecution of Jews in the Polish army, the formation of Jewish brigade groups etc.