P.R.O., British Archives, Colonial Office, Hatzach (New Zionist Organization), Telegrams

01.01.1939 - 31.12.1939

Reference Code : K 20 a - 72

Archive: P.R.O., British Archives, Colonial Office
Date Type: Approximate


CO 733/402/75318
- Cables sent by Hatzach (N.Z.O.) local branches in South Africa, England, Holland, Rhodesia etc.
to the Colonial Office protesting British decision to negotiate future of Palestine with the Jewish Agency; as representative of entire Jewish public;
- 10.3.1939: Letter from Hatzach Executive to Prime Minister Chamberlain on the subject.
- 1.12.1939: Excerpt from the 'New Palestine' on camouflage activities of the Revisionist Organization.