P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office, Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) Activity Against Partition of Palestine, Reports and Memoranda

01.01.1937 - 31.12.1937

Reference Code : K 20 b - 72

Archive: P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office
Date Type: Approximate


FO 371/20813
- 13.7.1937: Address by Vladimir Jabotinsky to members of Parliament;
- 3.9.1937: Documents about position of Polish government concerning Jewish immigration to Palestine;
- July-Sep. 1937: Reports about visit of Binyamin Akzin in Riga, Warsaw and Kovno;
- 11.9.1937: Report from meetings by Akzin with British Foreign Office staff:
- Memoranda by Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) president about 'Zionism and the Arab Problem' and about Partition Plan for Palestine.