P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office, Hatzach (New Zionist Organization), Correspondence, Petition, Opinion

01.01.1938 - 31.12.1938

Reference Code : K 20 b - 89

Archive: P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office
Date Type: Approximate


FO 371/21887
- 17.1.-14.2.1938: Correspondence between Foreign Office and British Legation to Prague about Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) World Congress in Prague: details of decisions taken, including adoption of plan to establish Jewish State in Palestine and creating Jewish majority there;
- 18.1.1938: Petition for Democratization of the Jewish Agency - correct distribution of resources, funds and licenses for it - submitted to League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission on behalf of Hatzach; letter attached to petition from presidents of Agudat Israel and Hatzach with demand to establish neutral and representative body of the entire Jewish people; opinion of British government as result of petition;
- 23.3.1938: Correspondence about Hatzach complaint regarding allocation of immigration certificates for Palestine.