P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office, Hatzach, Etzel and American Friends of a Jewish Palestine Position on War, Reports

01.01.1939 - 31.12.1939

Reference Code : K 20 b - 98

Archive: P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office
Date Type: Approximate


FO 371/23240
- Sep. 1939: Reports from High Commissioner for Palestine on statements by the NZO and Etzel in Palestine in support of British Government in war against Germany;
- Etzel informs about suspension of terror activities and readiness to join Britain in war for democracy;
- 18.9.1939: Letter from the 'American Friends of a Jewish Palestine' to British Ambassador in Washington concerning rumor about an Arab army being organized by Germany in Palestine, with aim to attack Jews there; American Friends therefore asking British to recognize independent Jewish National Army, Etzel, or to establish American Jewish legion on voluntary basis.