P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office, Formation of Jewish Army, Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) and Illegal Immigration, Letter and Articles

01.03.1943 - 30.04.1943

Reference Code : K 20 b - 129

Archive: P.R.O., British Archives, Foreign Office
Date Type: Correct Year


FO 371/35033/87
- 11.4.1943: Correspondence following article in 'Jewish Frontier' about activity of
Anglo-American Committee for a Jewish Army and renewed activity by Jewish Legions from World War One;
- 7.4.1943: Letter from British Embassy in Washington about Jewish immigration to Palestine and position of American officials regarding problem;
- 8.3.1943: Article about Hatzach (New Zionist Organization) and its political plans and objectives.
- Letter to British Prime Minister from Chaim Weizmann about Zionist Organization positions in regard to British policy in Palestine.