Recording reference code : CS - 187

Event type: Testimony
Speaker: Saban Chaya (Ben-Zvi Chaya),Edut Binyamin
Interviewer: Zeev (Willy) Katz
Recording date: 01/11/1984
Event date - from: 01/01/1937
Event date - to: 31/12/1948


Chaya Saban - joining Etzel and her activities in Haifa as weapons trainer and district treasurer. Injury of Rahamim (Commander Gad) in Haifa Eastern Railway Station operation. CID (Criminal Investigation Department) office bombing in Haifa. Her imprisonment after informing.
Binyamin Adut - Aliyah to Israel onboard illegal immigrant ship Parita. His command over nationalist cells in Latvia and organizing Latvian trade. His service in Betar unit in Nahariya. Joining Etzel and its integration into Etzel Haifa. His friendship with Eliyahu Tammler. Imprisonment of interviewee in Atlit, Latrun and Acre, deportation to Kenya.