Statements in court by Etzel and Lehi members; From Etzel and Lehi Broadcasts; Testimonies of Etzel and Lehi Members, Radio Programs about Shlomo Ben - Yosef and Avraham Stern, and more

Recording reference code : TP - 6

Event type: Testimony
Speaker: Shein Avraham,Zurabin Shalom,Abrikant Yitzhak,Spitzman Avraham,Rosenfeld Shalom,Hoter-Yishai Aharon,Nedava Yosef,Gurion Yitzhak,Ziv-Av Yitzhak,Tavin Eli,Borochov Yehuda,Razabi Eliyahu ,Stein Moshe (Stein Marcel), 'Hermesh',Lankin Eliyahu,Halevi Shmuel,Cohen Geula,Stern Zamir Roni,Stern Yair
Event date - from: 01/01/1907
Event date - to: 31/12/1948


- Statements by Geula Cohen, Dov Gruner, Michael Ashbel, Yosef Simhon, David Meiri-Begin, Hisiya Shapiro, Zvi Tabori, Anshel Spielman and Matityahu Shmuelevich in British military courts.
- To die or conquer the mountain: radio program celebrating twenty-five years since hanging of Shlomo Ben-Yosef. Story of Abraham Shine and Shalom Zurrabin. Memories of Yitzhak Abrikant and Avraham Spitzman about Ben-Yosef. Shalom Rosenfeld on Betar units. Debate about restraint and breaking it. Activities of Ben-Yosef and his friends. Aharon Hoter-Yishai about the trial and sentencing. Struggle for life of condemned, testimonies of Yosef Nadva and Yitzhak Gurion. Meeting of journalists with Ben-Yosef. Eli Tevin on the feelings in hometown of Ben-Yosef. Burial of Ben-Yosef in Rosh Pina.
- Party for Yehudah Borochov on his return from exile in Africa.
- Testimony of Eliyahu Ratzabi on his kidnapping in the 'Season', Moshe Stein about murder Eliyahu Shlomi and Eliyahu Lankin on Altalena affair.
- Voice of Fighting Zion: Restoring broadcasts of Etzel and Lehi broadcasting stations.
- Shmuel Halevi testimony, Lehi member on operations to expedite the British evacuation.
- Geula Cohen reading Songs of Avraham Stern (Yair).
- Broadcast of memorial for Yair five years since his murder.
- Broadcast from " Herut Jerusalem" station.
More content see recordings 590 and 591.