Betar and Hatzohar - Group Interviews

Recording reference code : TP - 11

Event type: Interview
Speaker: Olmert Mordechai,Schechter Yaakov,Propes Aharon Zvi,Avigur Michael,Kahan Marek (Kahan Meir), 'Alex'
Event date - from: 01/01/1929
Event date - to: 31/12/1948


Mordechai Olmert - Betar agricultural training in the Netherlands, establishing Kan Betar in the Netherlands, propaganda against Betar in the Netherlands (comparing 'Brown shirts' to Nazis and Fascists). Difficulties in obtaining certificates. His Aliyah to Israel and disappointment from Betar recruitment units in Israel and settlement policy, in his opinion.
Yaakov Schechter - Hatzach movement in Poland - the establishment, organization, activities, advocacy.
His detention by NKVD in 1940 on charges of Zionist activity (with Menachem Begin). Relations with Betar and Soviet navy. Certificates distribution policy.
Hatzach in Poland relations with Nazi Germany after the occupation.
Aharon Propes - Hatzach activities in Poland in 1935-1939.
Michael Avigur - biographical details and history of Betar in China. Jewish community in Harbin, ties with Zionist movement and Jewish world.
His Aliyah to Israel as part of Betar.
Mark Kahn tells of Hatzach in Poland in 1935-1939.