Hecht Reuben, Hatzach - Newspaper of Founding Congress in Vienna, Issues 1-7 (German, Large File)

08.09.1935 - 17.09.1935

Reference Code : P 124 - 11/ 1/ 1

Archive: Hecht Reuben
Material status: קומה 8 (לא סרוק)
Date Type: Approximate


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Newspaper kept by Reuben Hecht:
Kongresszeitung der Neuen Zionistischen Organisation
Newspaper of Founding Congress of New Zionist Organization (Hatzach), Vienna, Austria. notes of deliberations of Congress, National Workers Federation, Tel Hai Fund, Soldier Alliance, excerpts from speeches of Jabotinsky.
Issue No. 1: Opening of Hatzach founding Congress; Jabotinsky's big speech; speech by Jacob De Haas; movement and its institutions - annual report of Tel Hai Fund, 1934-1935.
Issue No. 2: Wolfgang von Wessely; Avraham Weinshal "situation of Jews in Palestine"; Joseph Schechtman "three-quarters of a million movement"; Colonel Patterson speech.
Issue No. 3: Jabotinsky on religion; Oskar Rabinowicz "Situation of Hatzach" ; Avraham Weinshal about "situation of Jews in Palestine"; Rabbi Blumenfeld from Warsaw "Jewish State in light of the Torah"; idea and way of Betar.
Issue No. 4: Continuation of lecture by Rabbi Blumenfeld from Warsaw "Jewish state in light of the Torah"; Avraham Levy "tragedy of Jews of Yemen"; speech by Dr. Pearl; Revisionist movement soldier alliance.
Issue No. 5: Summary of Congress, political conclusions; Wolfgang von Wessely "Constitution and Structure"; Jacoby "The Third Reich and the Transfer Agreement."
Issue No. 6: Conclusions of Congress, final meeting; Heller speech; Jabotinsky graduation speech; Dr. Lifshitz speech.
Issue No. 7: Composition of new management; Jabotinsky graduation speech; conclusions of boycott committee; conclusions of Aliyah Committee; Political Committee conclusions; William Zif speech (Chairman of Press and Propaganda Committee).