In 1934 the World Executive of "Brit Hatzohar" (Union of Zionist Revisionists) initiated a Petition Movement - a world "petition". The petition was addressed to the British Parliament and various other nations in order to draw attention to the tragedy of the Jewish Diaspora and demanded of them to aid the Jewish people in establishing its home in Eretz Israel. The Zionist Executive denounced the Petition Movement claiming that it was causing harm to the Zionist Movement. Jabotinsky and his supporters were accused of "violating the Zionist discipline", the Executive demanding a boycott of the petition. Despite the boycott, 600,000 Jews signed it, in 24 countries.

With the Histadrut's refusal to approve the Jabotinsky – Ben Gurion Agreement, it became clear stabilizing relations between Brit Hatzohar and all other elements in the Histadrut was not possible. In April 1935, Hatzohar World Executive decided to establish an independent Zionist organization.

"Three roles have now been imposed on Hatzohar," Jabotinsky declared, "First, to strengthen, to deepen and to organize a boycott movement against Germany…Second, that in the coming months, the Petition Movement will progress …Thirdly, we now stand to establish in Eretz Israel, the second "Organization", the largest professional union of Zionist workers, who oppose the method of class war."

Jabotinsky saw in the New Zionist Organization (Hatzach), the first experiment in organizing, by a nation without a state, choosing its own representatives. The first Hatzach Congress assembled in Vienna, in September, 1935. In the opening session, Jabotinsky presented a new formula for defining Zionist goals. In his speech he said, "We are living, it seems, on the final threshold of the abyss, the eve of the decisive Holocaust in the world ghetto ….this is nothing but modest goal: only – normalization of the Jewish people.    Normal like the large French nation or like the small Danish nation: each in their own state, all of them are free, without an exile". Jabotinsky called this congress "The Congress of Hope", and hoped that there the immediate aim of Zionism would be declared: creation of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, with a Jewish majority on both banks of the Jordan River.